Management is essential for any company or organisation. Without proper management no one can achieve their goals. So do the organisations. So, management is vital for any person. Out of thousands of management courses you can find a free online management courses with certificates. Want to know how? Just follow this article.

Management is not the only field you can get qualified online. Especially, after the pandemic all most all courses are now available online. If you are worried about what sector to follow, just follow our education category to learn more.  (education link)

What kind of courses can you follow?

Management is a field that is dividing into many sub fields.

Project, financial and IT management are some popular sectors in management. It is better to have some basic knowledge before starting.

So, you can follow a management course related to your sector.

Best platforms you can follow

Choosing the platform depends on your knowledge and requirement.

You can select a free course online.

Obviously, there are some major online platforms you can follow for free.

In this case, Udemy, Coursera, Edx gives you a great opportunity to begin.

So, you can complete a management course online for free. Then you can obtain the certificates.

How to choose an online management course?

However, when choosing an online course, it differs from person to person due to their requirement and interest.

So, if you are a beginner and have no idea about management, you can follow a foundation course.

Moreover, if you have an interest in Human Resources Management, you can follow a beginner level course.

Certainly, a course like Leadership for HR management, HR management for people managers, etc.

Among the above platforms, Coursera and Udemy are the most famous and demanding platforms.

Top 15  Management courses that you can find online with certificates,

You can find thousands of Management courses online on various platforms.

Following just a course you find on the internet with a certificate will be a waste of your time.

Therefore, before following the course, do some research on the course.

Indeed, some courses might be expensive and cost you hundreds of dollars.

But, everyone cannot afford those. Most courses are a waste of money and time.

However, some courses are affordable and easy to follow.

(1) Coursera free Human Resource Management courses,

Coursera is one of the most popular platforms which supplies quality online courses.

They also provide a variety of courses. Courses are available from certificate levels to degree levels.

However, Coursera provides you with both paid and free courses online.

Also, they provide these courses by combining with the most recognised universities in the world.

Beyond, HR for People Managers Specialization is an online course provided by Coursera. Course materials are provided by University of Minnesota.

Indeed, you can visit the official website of Coursera to enrol for this course. (link).This course contains 6 different courses and 3 hours of study per week.

(2)Coursera free Supply Chain Management courses,

Obviously, this is another course provided by the platform Coursera. Moreover, this course contains 5 courses to complete.

  1. Logistics,
  2. Supply chain operations,
  3. Supply chain planning,
  4. Sourcing,
  5. Supply chain management strategy.

Also, this course will take about 6 months to complete with 3 study hours week. (link)

(3)Coursera free Sales Operations/Management,

Similarly, this is also another free management course you can follow on Coursera. Moreover, West Virginia University is offering this course.

Also, This sales operation management program contains 5 courses.

  • Account management and sales force design,
    • Salesforce management,
    • Compensation, Expenses and Quotas,
    • Forecasting, Budgeting, Territories, Evaluation and legal issues,
    • Sales operations.

Further, the course is approximately 6 months and 3 study hours per week. (link)

(4) Foundations of management specialization certificate course by Coursera,

Obviously, this is another course provided by Coursera, and the University of Navarra offers it. Furthermore, There are 5 sub-courses in this course.

However, This approximately a 6-month course with 3 study hours per week. (link)

(5)Project Management Principles and Practices Specialization online course by Coursera,

Coursera offers this free online course in combined with UCI division of continuing education.

Moreover, about 135,729 are already enrolling in this course.

However, this is approximately a 5-month course with 1 study hour per week. (link)

(6) Udemy Employee Engagement Management Coaching Certificate,

Udemy is one of the world’s most popular and demanding online learning platform.

Moreover, It provides a variety of management courses from the beginners level to the professional level.

However, you can follow some courses for free, and some others are on Udemy.

Indeed, you can buy some Management courses for an affordable cost from Udemy.

Furthermore, in the employee management course includes Communication skills, human resources, employee performance management and more.

moreover, You can visit the website of Udemy to enrol the course and for further details. (link)

(7)Online Stress Management – Certification Course by Udemy,

Indeed, this is another demanding certificate course on Udemy nowadays.

Also, through this course, you can boost your personality and learn how to fight against stress.

Moreover, this course is more important for Psychologists, Psychiatrist, Teachers, and Social Workers. Further, 3514 students have joined this course, and it has a 3.7-star review on Udemy.

You can enrol this course through their official site. (link)

(8)Online certificate course on Crash Course in Project Management (PMP- Preparatory) by Udemy,

Similarly, this is another online course that is provided by the Udemy platform.

However, this course includes 10 knowledge areas and 49 processes about project management according to the global PMI PMBOK standards.

Indeed, you will need some experience in working in projects but, it is not necessary. However, 538 students have registered to this course and 112 have rated.

You can enrol this course through the link below,(link)

(9)Free Online course on Facilitation Management by Alison, is another platform that provides free certificate courses online in partnership with the Workforce Academy Partnership.

Yet, this specific online course provides you with many skills. For instance, fundamentals of coaching and mentoring, leadership, how to influence and encourage others, etc.

Moreover, 1185 students are enrolling this course and have a 2-star rating. Also, you can enrol the course through their website. (link)

(10) Free Supervision and Management Skills certificate course,

So, if you are wishing to learn about supervising others and building teams through chemistry this the course.

Here, you will learn supervision and Management Skills, to be a middle manager and about servant leadership.

Further, you need to complete assessments to get the certificate. However, the course duration is 3-4 Hours. Enrol the course through the link, (link)

(11)Free course on Strategic Management and Innovation Specialization by Coursera,

This beginner-level course provided by Coursera is a 6-month long.

Here, you will gain Strategic Management skills. It also teach Strategic Thinking and planning skills.

You can also learn about business strategies.

Moreover, there are 4 courses in the specialization. Namely, management, formulation,  implementation, and strategic capstone project.


(12)Coursera Engineering Project Management Specialization free online course,

Obviously, this is a beginner level course which is approximately 4 months long.

This course contains 3 sub-courses. Initiating cost management, and  Procurement.

Moreover, you can set and maintain flexible deadlines in this course.


(13)Retail Management: Merchandising, Sales and Customer Communications online course by Alison,

This course is a beginner level course that provides you with basic knowledge of merchandising.

Moreover, you will learn the principles behind sales. So you can effectively merchandise your products.

Also, you will get customer communication skill.

However, this course will be 2-3 hours a week. Also. you will get assessments.
This course has gained 5 stars in rating. (link)

(14)Alison online course on Retail Management: Marketing and Brand Management,

Course flix is the publisher of this free online course.

This teaches you to market your store. Also, ways to manage your brand effectively.

This is a 1.5-3 hour course which includes assessments.


(15)Alison online course on Events Management: Starting Your Own Business,

Event management is one of the most popular and demanding fields today.

This is a beginner level free online course provided by Course Flix.

This free online course equips you with the knowledge. So you can start and run your own events planning business.

So, you can follow this course through the official site of Alison.


Summery – Free online management courses with certificates

Management is an essential part of any job today and in future. Anyone can follow a management course online for free. You just need a computer.

You can obtain a valuable certificate from a valid course. Also, that will be an extra qualification when you are getting a job.

Management courses are not the only courses you can follow online. We have many other courses as well.

Management is just a one demanding sector. There are hundreds of others as well. Find more about other online courses from our education category.

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