After completing bachelors, it is essential now to do a masters to get a good job. But, due to the current pandemic situation, it is difficult to visit a university to follow a masters degree program. Fortunately, you can follow free online masters degree programs with certificates. Online platforms such as Edx, Coursera and many universities offer masters degree programs in many sectors.

Today, technology is significantly advance. So, you can follow any degree program online. If you want to learn more about online education, follow our education article series. (education link)

Some online courses are available for free with printable certificates to follow. (Main article link) But, for some courses, you will have to pay some money. However, they are comparatively cheaper than physical courses.

What is a masters degree? (h2)

Masters degrees are postgraduate qualifications. After completing a bachelors, you can follow a master’s.

First, you need to get qualified to follow a master. In most cases, you need a bachelors degree. But, some universities accept professional qualifications as well.

So, before starting a one check if you have the qualifications.

You can follow a masters degree in any field. For all sectors, online courses are available.

However, for some sectors such as medicine, it is difficult to find a masters degree online.

Why is it essential to have a masters degree? (h2)

If you are willing to get a PhD first, you have to get a masters degree. So, anyone who is interested in getting a doctorate should follow a masters degree.

Also, for some jobs, it is essential to have a masters degree. Especially for executive positions, a masters degree is a crucial qualification.

Unlike bachelors, the span of study in masters is very narrow. So, you can get a very advance knowledge in a specific study area.

1 Free online computer science masters degree with certificates (h3)

This Masters in computer science is provided by Arizona state university. It is a fully online course.

Computer science is a highly demanding sector. If you have a bachelors in CS or It, you can follow this course. Typically this will cost 15,000 USD. But, you can study it for free with a scholarship.

The course duration is 18 to 36 months. Since it is a full-time course, you will have to spend 20 hours per week.

It would be best if you had a high GPA in bachelors to qualify. However, students with professional qualification can still apply.

This course is available online in Coursera.


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2 Master of Science in electrical engineering (h3)

The University of Colorado USA offers this master. This course is ranked in the top 5 list.

If you are looking for a full 30 credit masters program, this is the best. It would be best if you had a high GPA in electrical related bachelors to apply for this.

The course is 24 months long. You have course work for 6 to 9 months. The rest is for individual working.

The most exciting thing is this is a fully online course.

This is available on Coursera, and it will cost nearly 20,000 USD.


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3 Free online health-related masters degree programs with certificates (h3)

Imperial College of London is offering a Global master of public health program. The course fee is 12,600 Euros for UK citizens. For foreigners, it will cost around 20 grand.

However, if you want to study this for free, you can try a commonwealth scholarship program.

The course is available on Coursera. This is a three-year full-time course. You have to spend around 18-20 hours per week.

Sixteen specialisation units are available. Also, you need to complete research for the degree.


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4 Master of Science in data science (h3)

Offered by the University of Colorado this is one of the best data science masters available online.

There is no application process for this degree. So, anyone can apply. Since it is a fully online course, you can even follow it on weekends.

Masters in data science consist of 30 short courses. Each course worth one credit. So, this is a full master with 30 credits.


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5 Free online public health masters degree programs with certificates (h3)

The University of Michigan is offering masters in the public health program. Scholarships are available to get the program for free.

Typically, it cost $ 960 per credit hour. For non-Michigan residents, the cost is $ 1060 per credit hour.

This is a full masters degree with 42 credits. The course duration is 20-22 months.

You can find many options to help your funds.

Since this is a fully online degree, the course is available on Coursera.


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6 Micro Masters program in International Law (h3)

This micro masters program is available on Edx. Edx is the official learning platform of Microsoft.

The purpose of Edx is to provide degrees at a very affordable cost.

Unlike other masters degree programs this only costs $ 540. You can’t even fund a single credit for that price.

Since this is a micro bachelors program, the duration of the course is one year. You have to work only 5 to 6 hours a week.

So, if you are doing a job, still you can manage to do this degree.

The whole course worth 20 credits. To enrol you need to have a bachelors in law degree.


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7 Free online business management micro masters degree programs with certificates (h3)


(image 7)

Business management masters is an essential qualification for anyone who is willing to advance in a management carrier.

This degree is provided by IIMB and available on Edx. The duration of the course is ten months. Since it is a short course, you only have to spend 4 -5 hours a week.

You can learn things like,

  • Cooperate finance
  • Accounting for decision making
  • People management
  • Business management strategies

8 Micro masters program in project management (h3)


(image 8)

Project management is a high paying job. But, just a bachelors degree is not enough for that kind of job.

You need experience and knowledge in advance management strategies to become a project manager.

So, this course by RIT is best for you if you want to become a manager. The course fee is just $ 800.

9 Free online micro masters degrees in social works with certificates (h3)

The University of Michigan is ranked as the top master’s degree provider in social works. This fully online micro masters program is available on Edx. The course duration is 11 months.

The course fee for this course is $ 940. Since this course only requires 6 – 8 hours work per week, you can even follow this as a part-time course. 

This course consists of 6 graduate-level courses to follow. Also, you can self follow the course as well.


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10 Micro masters in cybersecurity (h3)

Cybersecurity is a high demanding field in networking. If you are a beginner first follow our article on free online security courses with certificates (link to the article)

This course is available on Edx. The course provider is RIT. The course consists of 5 graduate-level courses. 

To complete this course, you only have to spend ten months. However, for each week, 10 -12 hour course work will be there.  

The course fee for this course is 1,436 USD.


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11 Free online micro masters degree programs in big data with certificates (h3)

The University of Adelaide offers big data online micro masters program. It consists of 5-degree level courses.

The course duration is one year. You will have to spend around 7 – 9 hours per week. The course fee is $ 985.

However, there are scholarship options available for this course. 

During the study, you can learn about,

  • Programming for data science
  • Big data basics
  • Analysing methods for big data
  • Etc.


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12 Free online micro masters degree programs in bioinformatics with certificates (h3)


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Bioinformatics is a combination of biology and data science. The course provider is the University of Maryland. 

This course consists of three graduate-level courses. The expected duration is about six months. However, each week you will have to spend around 10 hours to complete the course.

The course fee is $ 747. For this course also, you can find a financial support scholarship. 

It is better to have proper knowledge of biological science before starting the course. 

13 Free online masters degree programs in cloud computing with certificates (h3)

This program is provided by the University of Maryland global campus. The course is entirely online. But, instructor-led course.

So, you can ask questions, discuss matters and do practice with the instructors. The course duration is eight months. 

For this course, you will have to control assignments and exams. Those have specific due dates. So, if you are a really busy person, this is not the best course for you. 

The course fee is $ 1,076. You will have to spend 8 to 10 hours per week to complete the course. 


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14 Free online masters degree programs in accounting with certificates (h3)

Indiana University is offering accounting master degree programs online. You can get skills in financial accounting and taxation. 

3 Graduate level courses are included in the syllabus. The course duration is nine months, and you will have to spend around 10 hours per week to complete the course. 

The course fee is $ 1,347. But, you can find a full scholarship to fund this course.

The course is available online on Edx.


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15 Online masters degree program in agriculture business (h3)

Doane University is offering this masters degree program with seven graduate-level courses. Agribusiness is one of the worlds most leading businesses. So, if you complete this master for sure, you can get a job in a multinational agribusiness.

The course duration for this course is one year and two months. Each week you have to spend 10-15 hours on course work.

The course fee for this course is $ 1,344. 


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Summery (h2)

A master degree is an essential qualification to get an executive-level job. Usually, a masters degree is expensive, and students have to attend physical lectures.

But, now anyone can follow a masters degree online. However, still, you have to pay for the course works and degree. But, there are many scholarships available to get funds for the degree program. 

Edx and Coursera are the leading online master’s degree providers. They offer fully online courses from various universities. 

Online education is getting popular each day. Now, you can study anything online. If you want to know more about online education follow our educational article series (education category link)

Free online courses are available with printed certificates for many sectors such as bookkeeping, IT, programming and nursing. If you want to learn more, please follow our article on free online courses. (main article link)

Meta – You can follow a free online masters degree programs on Edx Coursera and other leading universities with certificates to advance in your job

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