Security is an essential need for the internet. So, security has a very high demand in the job market. Some security courses are available for free. However, you need a valid certificate to get qualified as a professional. So, let’s see which are the best free online security courses with certificates.

Security, Web development, programming, and management has a very high demand in the job market. Want to know about the rest? Just follow our educational articles to learn about everything.

What is online security? (H2)

Internet security is a branch of computer security. This is not just securing web pages.

If you consider a bank, the whole bank system is established on a network.

So, in case of a security breach on the bank network, it can lose millions of dollars within seconds.

So, banks, tech companies, and almost all major organizations hire online security experts to upkeep their systems.

Usually, these online security courses are costly. But, there are some free online security courses you can follow and get certificates.

Top 15 Free online security courses with certificates (H2)

When it comes to network and security, Cisco is the world’s most favorite course provider.

  1. CCNA Security
  2. CCNA Enterprise Security and Automation
  3. IoT security
  4.  CyberOps Associate

Are some free online security courses with certificates. The Cisco academy provides these.

Microsoft Edx, Coursera, and EUAC are the most famous course providers for Cyber security.

1 Introduction to cybersecurity by Cisco Academy. (h3)

This is a beginner level course offered by the Cisco academy.

You need to spend around 15 hours to complete it. So, it is kind of a quick course.

You can hire an instructor if it is difficult for you to study. But, Cisco also recommends self-learning for this course.

During the course, you can learn about security impacts and solutions. Also, you can learn about web attacks.

The knowledge of attacks is essential to improve security measures in a network. So, this is a must-follow course for any IT professional.

This is the foundation course to follow all other free online security courses with certificates offered by Cisco.


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2 Free online CCNA security courses (h3)

CCNA security courses are available on many platforms. But why should you pay money to learn when you can get all the course materials for free?

Cisco netcad is providing all the course materials to complete the CCNA security certification.

It is one of the best professional certificates you can obtain to become a professional.

Well, this is a 70-hour full-time course. You need some advanced knowledge to follow this course.


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3 Free online IoT Security courses with certificates to follow (h3)

IoT or the internet of things is modern technology.

It is expected that IoT will be the next revolutionary technology.

You can use IoT to control your devices over the internet. So, what will happen if your home gets hacked?

So, I guess you can understand how important security is for IoT.

Cisco is also providing a free IoT security course. It is a lengthy course. You have to spend 50 hours to complete it.

Cisco recommends having at least intermediate IoT knowledge to follow this course.


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4 CyberOps associate by Cisco (h3)

Likewise, we have a police force to control criminals. In the future, we are going to need Cyber police to prevent cybercrimes.

So, if you want to become an online police officer, this is the course you should follow.

This 70 hours long course is available on netcad for free. However, Cisco recommends getting help from an instructor.

But, if you want, you can still follow it for free.


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5 Free online Cyber security essentials courses with certificates (h3)

Cybersecurity essentials certification is provided by Cisco academy. You can either follow this course with the help of an instructor or by self-studying.

This course is also free. The duration of the course is 30 hours. All the course materials are available on netcad.

Cisco’s this course will make you a professional cybercrime fighter. If you are a system engineer or a network technician, you should follow this course.


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6 The absolute beginners guide to cyber security by Udemy (h3)

If you are a beginner with no idea what cyber security is, this is the best course.

Around 33 k students have enrolled in this course. You will get videos and articles to support your learning.

So, it is really easy to follow this course. All the basic concepts such as malware, firewall, encryption, and biometrics are explained through the course.

This is a concise course with just 5 hours of course materials. (3,5 hours of videos)


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7 Network Security course by Udemy (h3)

This is one of the most popular cyber security courses available online. With 110 k students, this course got a 4.6 stars rating. Isn’t that amazing?

The course is 12.5 hours long. You will get videos, downloadable materials, and some articles.

Also, you will get a certificate on completion.

This course will cover areas such as Personal and home cyber security and privacy.


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8 Free online malware analysis security courses with certificates (h3)

You may hear of viruses. Likewise, animal viruses cause damages to our bodies; computer malware can damage computers.

Also, they will hack into your computer and will obtain your personal data.

To avoid the risk of malware, EUAC is offering a set of free courses.

( EUAC – European union agency for cybersecurity)

The malware analysis course is a one day course. You can download all the resources for free from their site.

The course will also cover memory forensic sections.

(image 8)


9 Free online network security and forensic Courses with certificates by EUAC (h3)

Network forensics is essential in analyzing and fixing security errors in networks.

This course is five days long. It covers both practical and theory parts.

After completing this course, you will be able to analyze any security incident.

The course materials are available online. You can download them at any time.


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10 Mobile threats and incident handling (h3)

(image 10)


Mobile phones are stocked with private data. So, they are most vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Bank card details, private photos, and many other personal details are stocked in mobile phones. In the case of a mobile threat, only a professional can handle the situation without damaging the owner.

If you are a law enforcement agency, following this course will give you an excellent knowledge of

  1. How to handle this kind of situation
  2. How to reduce the risk
  3. Also, how to catch the criminals
  4. Tracking criminals

Since this is a one day course, you can efficiently complete it. All the materials are also available for download. So, you can refer them anytime you want.

EUAC provides this course.

11 Free online cyber security courses with certificates – Micro-bachelors program (h3)

NYU is providing this micro bachelors program. This is available on Edx.

Edx is the official Microsoft learning platform. So, the certificates are trusted worldwide.

This is a one year course. You have to spend 10 hours a week.

It covers a full-scale network security syllabus. This course is best for professionals.

As this is a micro bachelors program, you can also get academic credits.

After completing you can apply for jobs such as,

  • Information security analysts (Over 100 k USD salary in the USA)
  • Network admin ( 85 k USD average salary)
  • link

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12 IBM cybersecurity analyst (h3)

This is an eight-month-long 100% online course. The course is available for free on Coursera.

It also provides a professional certificate. As IBM provides it, any institute will accept it for sure.

According to Coursera, about 50% of students got promotions after the course. So, it is really an excellent course to follow. Especially if you are an IT professional, this course will be beneficial to build your carrier.

First, you will learn about security analyst tools. You can also learn about online threats.

Since IBM provides the certificate, any company will accept it.


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13 Introduction to cyber security (h3)


image 13

A free Coursera course offered by NYU. You can get a free certificate for this course after completing it.

Since it is a 100% online course, follow it whenever you are free. Usually, it takes four months to complete.

But, if you have free time, you can complete it in one month. This is a beginner level course. So, you don’t need professional knowledge to start the course.

During the course, you can learn about,

  1. Cyber security
  2. Risk assessment
  3. Cyber defense
  4. Cyberattacks
  5. Information Security
  6. DDoS attacks

14 Online free cyber security courses with certificates (h3)

This intermediate-level course is available on Coursera. It is a 100% free course.

This course takes about eight months to complete. However, you can adjust the schedule. Some people even complete it within 2-3 weeks.

When you complete the course, you will get a valuable certificate for free.

You can learn about software and cybersecurity. Also, cryptography and hardware security parts are there in the course.

This is also an intermediate level course. So, you need some knowledge to participate in the course.


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15 Hardware security by Maryland University (h3)

Hardware security is also crucial to upkeep network security. This 12-hour short course provides a vast knowledge of how to utilize hardware security.

You can learn about digital system design and protection. This course also covers physical attacks.

So, if you are a system admin, this is a course you must follow.

It will help you to get a full understand of how to design the hardware part of a network.


image 15

Summery (h2)

Network security is essential for many organizations. when you complete courses in network security, you can get jobs such as,

  1. Network admin
  2. Computer forensic specialist
  3. Security analyst

All these jobs are high paying jobs. Typically you can get more than 100k USD per year in the USA. 

So, online security is a future proof sector to study.

Out of thousands of courses, you can find free online security courses with certificates. 

Edx and Cisco provide the best courses. Also, udemy has some valuable free lessons. Most of these courses are free. However, for some courses, you have to pay for the certificate.

Otherwise, learning online is a great way to get knowledge in any sector. 

Bookkeeping and management also have a high demand in the job market. Also, there are many more other sectors to follow. If you want to know more about them, follow our educational articles. 

Meta -online security or cybersecurity is essential sector to upkeep the internet and networks follow free courses with certificates to qualify as a specialist

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