Google Assistant vs Alexa is a topic that is popular when it comes to the smart assistant subject. Although there are many other smart assistants out in the market Alexa and Google Assistant have been able to dominate the market. Furthermore, these two smart Assistants’ ability to work on across many platforms helps them stay on top of the market.

Google Assistant vs Alexa which is better?

To pick a winner of the battle between Google Assistant vs Alexa we have to look into many factors and compare and contrast them. These factors range from price to tools and supported platforms. Although it’s hard to pick a clear winner when it comes to Google Assistant vs Alexa lets see which suits better for you.

Google Assistant

The best thing about Google Assistant is there is a range of devices that comes with it. Therefore, you can choose from a wide price range if you want Google assistant’s services. When it comes to giving a personalized experience by keeping track of voice when multiple users are present Google Assistant does a better job than Alexa. The assistant also has a better ability to answer questions. Since Google Assistant uses Google’s search engines and database its ability to answer questions is far better than that of the Alexa. Also, Google Play music service and Youtube music are two important services you get from Google Assistant which you won’t get from Alexa. Its support for android platforms is also another reason for its popularity. And if you depend on  G-mail and other Google services Google Assistant is the best smart assistant for you.

Although, there are many pros of using Google Assistant there are also some flaws in the smart assistant. One of the biggest complaints about Google Assistant is some of its services are blocked in certain regions. Also, it doesn’t come with as many added tools like the Alexa. Even though there are some flaws with Google Assistant it’s still one of the best smart assistants you can buy.


Alexa is a smart assistant we see in devices like the Amazon Echo. While it is as good as Google’s services there are certain fields where Alexa edge outs Google assistant. One of the best experiences of using Alexa is its ability to do a wide variety of actions better than Assistant. For example, Alexa is better for entertainment because it supports many entertainment platforms that Google doesn’t. Also when it comes to placing orders, shopping, and making reservations.

Some flaws with Alexa is its software updates take a long time to complete. There are also some complaints about privacy problems when using Alexa. Also, Alexa using Bing as a search engine makes it hard to find correct answers to questions.

Alexa vs. Google Assistant: Overall winner

Inconclusion Alexa vs. Google Assistant battle winner depends on your needs. If you want an assistant that gives you a personalized experience and support your google services Google Assistant is the way to go. While Alexa is a better assistant to use in a smart home device.

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