Linus Operating System(OS) is an open-source OS that can work across platforms. Also, we can install the Linux OS on computers, mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. This OS is based on Unix which is also another OS. Linux is been around for more than 30 years.

Why Use Linux OS?

One of the biggest reasons for using this OS is it comes free of cost. Also, the OS gives you protection from viruses, malware, and other threats that other OS cannot give you. This will save you money on additional security software. Also, user privacy is well respected by the Linux OS.

Unlike other OS, Linux provides certain services that you can install to your device easily. For example, to install a web server in Microsoft OS it takes a lot of time while it only takes a few commands to do it in Linux.

And the open-source help you run any programs for any purpose and learn how it runs. Also, you can modify the OS to suit your need and distribute the OS without any legal troubles. Linux also comes out with updates regularly and this helps fix small problems users face. Also, it’s easy to update the Linux when you compare them with other OS. Linux is also a lot more reliable than other OS where crashes and slowing are less common. Even in case of a crash, you will have a lot of community supports that will help you to fix it faster. The need for a reboot in a Linux system is rare. Linux is always trying to improve its user experience that will make the OS beginner-friendly.

Features of Linux OS

Linux has two types of interface, Command Line Interface(CLI) and the Graphical User Interface(GUI). The desktops and laptops mainly use the GUI. But, you can use the CLI which is a textbase command to do certain actions as well. Another, good thing about the Linux OS is it can run on devices with low-end hardware.

Linux also is a great OS for programming. One of the best perks of using this OS for programming is that it supports most of the languages we use for coding. Linux can support languages like Python, PHP, Java, and Ruby without any new installations. Also, this OS has other features that make coding easier with its terminal been better to code on than other OS. And the package manager along with libraries native to Linux makes the job easier.

Also due to better security and fewer crashes, Linux is used as the OS in many servers. Also, they have no downtime which is the reason why it’s is the best OS for servers.


Although the Linux OS isn’t as easy to use as the other OS for beginners, with time it gets easier. But its ability to give the user a secure and smooth service cannot be rival by any other OS. In conclusion, the services Linux gives outweigh its slight problems which makes it one of the best OS to work on.

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