Container housing is one of the trending architectures in most countries. Containers are relatively cheap and easy to handle. Also, they provide flexibility. So, the designers are able to make changes to the plan very easily. Other thing is container homes can easily be shifted from a place to another. From single container home to multi-story buildings the demand for container housing is very high.

Why container housing?

The construction cost is very high today. Buying an apartment from a city is almost impossible. So, what would be the solution to this problem? Many futuristic house designs are proposed to fulfil the housing requirement of future.

Rapidly growing population, land unavailability and high construction cost are some problems.

Some architects came with compact solutions to face these problems.

Floating homes, under water cities, space cities, all of these are really expensive and almost impossible solutions. But, some others have simple solutions like living in container, turning an old bus into a home, living in small concrete tunnel home etc.

What is different

Comparing to a conventional home container homes only need very small space. Indeed there are people who live in container home mansions. But, the basic idea of a container home is to save space.

Typical 20 ft container can easily accommodate a single person. After few modifications it can even become a luxury apartment.

To build a home you need to buy many services. Structural engineers, geo engineers, concrete specialists and many more to go. But, many opensource materials are available for container housing projects.

You can easily refer them and start your own DIY operation.

When you buy a container you already have the wall coverings roof and the floor. Just after a few touches it will be ready to accommodate you with comfort.

Key features

Easy to construct – Make your own plan and start working on your own. You just need the simple set of power tools to construct your own home. Many opensource designs are available online to follow.

Inexpensive – In the international market you can buy a empty container for less than 3000$. Even for a rented home you will have to pay more per month. Also, it is easy to add luxury features like teak flooring, air-conditioning, wooden walls etc.  

Mobility – When you are done living in this city, next time don’t sell your home. Carry it with you to the next city. Container homes can easily be separated and transported to any destination. 

Easy maintenance – The design of a container housing is very simple. You know every wire and water horse going through the house. So, unlike a complex conventional home you can do all the maintenance by yourself. 

Ambitious – Container homes are not just homes. Developing a one is a hobby to many people. It is one of a life time experience. We all live in a home which was designed by some other person. Many other people may have developed it according to a plan. But, imagine how it will feel like to live in a home planed and build by yourself? 


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