747 is a revolutionary aircraft made by the Boeing company of USA. The 757 is actually the younger sister of 747. Most technologies inside the both aircrafts are equal. The main difference between 747 and 757 are the body size. 757 has a narrow body. While the 747 has a bigger and wider body.
Comparing to 757 Boeing 747 has advance capabilities. It can cruise at higher altitudes at high speeds. Also, the range is better than a 757. But, still 757 has a very good demand in the international market. 757 are mostly used as mid-range international flights, domestic transportation or private jets.

Boeing 757 as a cargo jet

Two of three major cargo companies use 757 for their international operations. UPS and FedEx use 757 while DHL mostly use the 757 equal Airbus A321. 757 can hold up to 32,755 kg of cargo. The 757-200 and 757-200F variants are specially designed as a SF and PCF. (Precision converted freighter and Special freighter classes.)

The world’s leading air postal services like U.S Mainline carrier and European charter airline use 757-200 as one of their main aircrafts.

The maximum range with full payload is just 5,435 km. So, 757 is not the best plane for inter-continental cargo transport.

757-200F is the Boeings’ second largest standard-body freighter. Also, it has the second longest range in the same class.

The cargo volume of 757-200F is around 190 square meters. Even as a narrow body aircraft it can accommodate a good volume of cargo.

757 as a passenger Jet

757-200 SF , the original 757-200 and 757-300 are the main passenger jet versions. The original first version of 757 , the 757-200 entered the service in 1983.

757-200 can accommodate 183 passengers. This include 20 first class seats. The number of first class seats may vary depending on the airlines requirement. 757-200 SF has 12 first class seats and 188 in the main cabin.

The larger variant of 757, the 757-300 has a seat capacity of 243. This include 231 seats in main cabin and 12 in the first class.

Boeing has a new upcoming variant of 757. The 757-100 is a short aircraft with a similar capacity as 727-200. It is more like a 727-200 with modern flight features. 757-100 has 150 seat capacity.

After seating 757-200 has a cargo capacity of 43.3 cubic meters. The large 757-300 has a massive 61.7 cubic meter capacity.

Boeing 757 VIP and private jets

Due to its economical features and small size 757 is also used as VIP jets and private jets around the world. The C-32A is a variant of 757-200 which is used as the official jet of US vice president. The other variant of c-32 is C-32 B. Both C-32 variants are properties of USAF.

The role of C-32 B is to provide airlift to US gate keeper missions and intelligence missions. However, the exact capabilities of C-32 B is still a secrete. C-32 B has a seat capacity of 45.

The private jet of former US president Trump is also a 757 variant. It is also known as the trump force one.


Boeing 757 require two pilots to fly. Unlike the older versions 757 does not require the service of a flight engineer in the cockpit. The fuselage has a width of 3.76 m. length of 47.3 m (54.4 m in 757-300) and a height of 13.6 m.

The cruise speed of 757 is 854kmph. Maximum speed is 918kmph. 757-200 has the maximum range in the class which is 7,250 km. However, the range of other variants are relatively low. The cargo jet has a range of 5,400 km and 757-300 has a range of 6,300km. So, 757 best suite for domestic and short flights. 

However, the military variants are able of on air refuelling. So, they can fly a long range. 

Two types of engines are used in 757. First, the Rolls-Royce RB211 engine and Pratt and Whitney PW2000. 


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