Cessna 150 is a single engine light weight aircraft. Entering service in 1958 150 was produced since 1977. After, the new variant Cessna 152 came to the market. However, still thousands of 150s are in service mainly as a general aviation airplane. Model 162 Sky-catcher is the latest generation of Cessna 150. 

The role of Cessna 150

The main role of Cessna 150 is a pilot training aircraft. Since, it can carry two pilots at the same time the instructor can fly with the student to guide him. Many equal size planes only accommodate a single pilot. Also, due to its easy controlling systems and pilot assistance systems 150 is the most ideal training aircraft. 

150 is a basic trainer. If you are looking to get your PPL (Private pilot license) in most schools 150 will be the first aircraft you will get to fly. 

In addition 150 is used as a light utility aircraft. Since, it can only carry one or two people it is typically not used as a passenger aircraft. However, 150 is used to carry small cargo loads with a maximum capacity of 225-250 kg. 

In some third world air forces, the 150 is still used for surveillance duties. 


As a small aircraft the Cessna 150 can only carry two adults at a time. The rear seats can carry two small kids. But, it is not suitable for adults. The leg room in the rear seats are very small. 

The max speed of 150 is around 203 km/h.  Unlike most other same size aircrafts it can cruise at very slow speeds. The still speed is 79 km/h. So, it is a very good option for civilian surveillance duties. 

As a small aircraft still the Cessna 150 has a good range of 768 km. However, large long-range tanks are available as an extension. With large range tanks the 150 can fly up to 1,300 km. 

The service ceiling of 150 is little over 14,500 ft and it can climb a 715 ft per minute. 

Cessna 150 engine and power

The maximum power output of 150 is 110hp or 82 kW. 150 only has a single engine which is Lycoming O-235-L2C. It is a four cylinder flat engine. The propellers containing two 180cm blades convert the engine power to momentum. 

This engine is very simple. Even a pilot can simply do minor maintenance by himself. Also, the engine is very efficient and rarely get malfunctions. 

Most popular aircraft

Cessna 150 is one of the worlds top selling aircrafts. Together 150 and 152 has marked a sale of more than 31,471 units.  It hold the 5th rank in the top selling aircraft list. Also, it is the 3rd best selling commercial aircraft. 

150s elder brother Cessna 172 is the top selling aircraft in the world with more than 44,000 units sold. 

Easy maintenance, low price, good features and economical fuel consumption lead many Cessna models like 150, 152, 172, 162 to become the worlds top selling aircrafts.

Cessna 150 has the ability to operate from very short runaways. It can get into the air with just 220m long runaway. Also, unlike many other planes in the class it can land on uneven mud runaways. So, the operation is very simple and chance of an accident is extremely low. 


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