Not all the ships in a navy is equal. Aircraft carriers, destroyers, missile cruisers, gun boats, battle ships and many more to go. Each ship has a specific role in the navy. In most cases neither of these ships can survive on their own. So, navies typically move as a fleet combining the capabilities of different ships. However, the navy destroyers can act individually in both naval and amphibious battels.

Requirement of a  destroyer ship

Aircraft carriers are the largest ships in the seas. Worthing billions aircraft carriers can even invade a country by it self. But, in the seas aircraft carriers can not defend themselves against the advance naval battle machines.

Submarines,  enemy battleships are major threats even for the best aircraft carriers. So, the service fast moving manoeuvrable and heavily armed ships are essential  to defend a aircraft carrier. The solution is destroyers.

Defence is just a one thing. Destroyers are also able of fighting naval battles themselves. Modern destroyers are effective against both surface and underwater warfare.

Capabilities of a destroyer navy ship

Since the first world war many destroyer ship classes entered the service. Typically, destroyer ships are equipped with many different types of weaponry. Torpedoes, canons, machine guns and SAM are essential parts of a destroyer.

The basic idea of a destroyer is a ship which is capable of defending against any type of enemy threat. This include aircrafts, gun boats, battleships and submarines.

Surface to air missiles are able of destroying enemy aircrafts. Also, SAM is used to destroy enemy missies and even targets in  the land. So, destroyers are capable in all three formats of naval warfare. Surface to surface, surface to sub-surface and surface to air. 

Large canons are capable of destroying other surface navy vassals. However, submarines are the major threat for destroyer ships. Destroyers use torpedo to fight against submarines.   

World’s most advance Navy destroyer ship

Zumwalt class destroyers of US navy are the most advance and capable destroyer ships in the world. Basically, Zumwalt is a guided missile destroyer. If you ever see a Zumwalt you will get this in the mind “What the hell is this?” 

Zumwalt is a stealth destroyer ship. It has a very unusual shape for a ship. The reason behind this design is to reduce the radar signature. 

Many naval battles are fought not by seeing each other. But, by following the radar and sonar signatures.  Due to this unusual design Zumwalt will appear in a radar as a small fishing boat. But, it is indeed the most advance and dangerous enemy you can find in the sea. 

Armament of Zumwalt destroyer ship

Zumwalt accommodate various weapon systems. It has 20 MK 57 vertical launching systems. Inside of these it can carry Sea sparrow missiles, tomahawks or anti-submarine missiles. 

As the main gun Zumwalt has two 155mm advance gun system artillery. The secondary gun are 30 mm MK46 mod 2 guns. 

Featuring on cinema and TV series

Have you ever watched “The Last Ship” TV series? USS Nathen James is the last ship to stand when the whole civilization is collapsed due to a deadly virus. Wait, still the civilization is running perfectly even with some pandemic struggle. USS Nathen James is also a navy destroyer ship.


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