Military vehicles are the key of success for land battels. Unlike the older wars today more vehicles are implemented in battles. Fighting, troop transportation, demining and surveillance are some tasks undertaken by the combat military vehicles.

The modern classification of combat vehicles

According to the modern classification the main combat vehicle types are,

  • Tanks
  • Armoured cars
  • Troop carriers
  • Amphibious warfare vehicles
  • Engineering vehicles
  • Air defensive vehicles
  • Self-propelled artillery vehicles
  • Armoured trains

Each type has a unique role in the combat. Also, it is essential to have all of these vehicles to fight a modern war.


Tanks are the most well-known combat vehicle type. The capability of running in uneven terrain allows tanks to fight battles in various locations. Unlike other vehicles tanks are able of reaching the most remote locations.

With heavy canons and machine guns tanks can takeout any infantry or vehicle targets.

Tanks are also classified according to its size and role.

Tank classification – Size

  • Small tanks – Small tanks has a thin armour and small canons. However, the mobility is high. Also, small tanks can move fast and reach most remote locations. So, small tanks are used for observation and expeditionary warfare.
  • Medium tanks – Most main battle tanks are medium tanks. They have a good armour and mid sized guns. However, the mobility is comparatively low. Mostly used against enemy tanks.
  • Heavy tanks – The biggest guns and advance armour make heavy tanks unbeatable giants in the battle. The main use is to breach fortified locations. The heavy cost of maintenance and low mobility are some disadvantages.

Tank classification – Role

  • Main battle tank – Modern tanks with hybrid capabilities. Heavily armed and has heavy guns.
  • Tankette – Ultra light tanks. So, they have a very good mobility. However the armour is thin. So, not that effective against armoured vehicles. Mostly used to fight infantry.
  • Flame tanks – Inspired by the German flame throwers flame tanks can burn fortifications.
  • Infantry tanks – Carry infantry in to the mid of a fight during a heavy gun fire.

Armoured car

Armoured cars are also battle capable machines like tanks. The only different is armoured cars have tires instead of tracks. The major disadvantage of tanks are that they are not able of running on roads without damaging the roads.

So, for internal wars most countries use armoured cars. Most of internal security vehicles (ISV) are armoured cars.

Types of armoured cars

Likewise tanks armoured cars are also classified according to its role.


Aerosani is a type of snowmobile. They are used in both military and civilian duties. Equipped with skis. So, has a high mobility in snows. Communication, delivery, recovery and passenger transportation are some duties of Aerosani.

Improvised fighting vehicles

Some armies use civilian vehicles with modifications for battles. The main modification is armour upgrade. Using heavy metal plates the armour of the vehicle is improved to endure in a gun fight.

Usually machine guns and small missile launchers are used as the main gun.

Scout cars

Scout cars are reconnaissance vehicles with a good armour. They are used in forward line battles. Scout cars are typically loaded with machine guns. The heavy armour provide a good protection for the crew.


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