In the modern battles aircrafts act a major role. From troop transportation to destroying targets various military aircrafts are available for various tasks. Fighters, bombers, cargo planes, helicopters and spy planes are the major military aircraft types.

Institutions such as Navy, Marine, Airforce, Army and coast guard handle military aircrafts for their operations. Depending on the budget and requirement the type of fleet vary.

Military transport aircrafts

Many major battles of world history was fought  in remote locations. So, carrying troops only from land is not efficient for a battle. So, all armies require air transportation to reach remote locations on time.

Many of the military transport aircrafts are typically developed from civilian airliners. For an example USAF special operations aircraft C-32B is a variant of Boeing 757.

Both planes and helicopters are used as transport aircrafts. Boeings C-17, Airbus A400M, Antanovs’ An-22 are some of the mostly used planes.

Helicopters like Boeing CH-47, Sikorsky CH-53E, Eurocopter EC725 also act as troop transporters.

The main difference between the use of planes and helicopters is helicopters are used for short range missions. While, planes fly on long range missions which has to carry huge loads.


Fighters are specialist aircrafts designed for air to air combats. Entering an enemy air space is a dangerous mission. Enemy fighters and missiles can bring down any bombers very easily.

So, to protect bombers the need of special kind of aircraft fulfilled by fighters.  The modern fighters have supersonic speeds, high manoeuvrability and advance weaponry.

So, fighters can establish a clear airspace for the bombers to complete their mission.

Typically, bombers and VIP aircrafts are escorted with fighter jets for protection. Many of the fighter jets can take-off and land on aircraft carriers. So, they are also used in aircraft carriers as weapons.


Planes engaging in air to surface battles are bombers. They are deigned to carry torpedoes, missies and bombs which can hit ground and naval targets.

Strategic and tactical are the main two types of bombers.

Usually heavy bombers are used as strategic bombers. Air bases, Naval bases, army camps, ports and other large buildings are the targets of a strategic bombing mission.

However when it comes to tactical bombing the targets are enemy troops or vehicles. Usually small bombers with a short range is engaging in this kind of missions.

Military helicopters

Helicopters act a vital role in both naval and land warfare. For many of the naval ships helicopters are the only type of available air support. Unlike the plane helicopters has a better manoeuvrability. They can land and take-off from a space just larger than the aircraft itself.

Helicopters can be classified according to their role.

Attack helicopters – Heavily armed attack helicopters carry missiles and heavy machine guns. A helicopter can even sink a huge naval ship with its battle capabilities.

Transport helicopters – Carry troops and cargo from land or from a navy ship. Lightly armed with machine guns. Usually escorted by attack helicopters for protection. Help to reach the most remote locations. Also, carry cargo. Some helicopters can even carry huge machines such as tanks. 

Importance of military aircraft research programs

Military aircraft development programs contribute civilian airline industry in vast scale. No aircraft manufacturer will be able to fund for all the research and development by themselves. During the new experiments done on military aircrafts many new technologies were invented. So, these inventions ultimately improves and helped tha advancement of civil aviation.


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