Programming, Software engineering, and software development are the most trending subjects in 2021. If you want to become a professional software engineer or a programmer, you have to follow a proper programming course. Those courses are usually really expensive. But, you can get a free online programming course with certificates. Want to know how? Just follow this article. Let’s see what the top free online programming courses with certificates are. Programming, Web Development, Management those education sectors have a very high demand in the job market. There are many other sectors you can follow for free online? Read our full article series to find out which is the best for you.

What is programming?

If you have a mobile phone, you may have played games, worked with apps, and did many mobile phone interactions. But your phone is just a piece of hardware. So, how can you do such things with electronic parts? All these things are possible only because of programmers. Programming is a very wide study area. Depending on what device you want to program, programmers can be categorized as
  • IOS developers
  • Windows app developers
  • Web application developers
  • Java Application developers
  • Android application developers
  • Network application developers
These are just some examples. If you are a programmer, endless possibilities are awaiting you.

What should you learn to become a programmer?

To become a programmer, first, you have to learn how to code. To code, you need the knowledge of,
  • Computer science
  • Hardware and software interconnections
  • A programming language.
There are around 700 programming languages. Depending on what kind of programmer you want to be, you can select a programming language. However, languages such as
  1. C C+ C#
  2. Java
  3. Python
  4. PHP
  5. HTML
Are the all-time most popular languages.

1 HTML for web programming

HTML is the language used for website development. W3School is the best online Institute to learn web development. Every function in HTML is listed in the W3School. You can start from the beginning to learn with a web programming course for free then you can follow an intermediate level course to obtain a valid certificate.   link Read our article on free online web development courses with certificates to know more about it. (Web development link)

Best free online programming courses with certificates

Many reputed institutes are providing free online courses on programming with valuable certificates.
  • Coursera
  • Microsoft Edx
  • Udemy
  • Lynda
Are the most popular course providers for programming.

2 Free online computer programming introduction courses with certificates by the University of London

This is a beginner level course from the University of London. You can learn things like,
  • Computer science
  • How to start with programming
  • What are programming languages
So, this is a great opportunity for any beginner. It only takes 21 hours to complete. Also, remember the course is totally free. This course is available on Coursera. After completing the introduction course, you can also follow intermediate and advance courses for free. So, it is the best of all free online programming courses for beginners to obtain certificates.   LINK

3 The Arduino platform and C programming

Arduino is an open-source hardware platform. You can use C coding to do things like,
  • Control a bulb
  • Sense temperature
  • Lock doors
  • Build an auto-driving car
And there are endless possibilities. Basically, Arduino works with instructions given in the C language. So, to do all these things, first, you need to learn C programming. These free online Arduino C programming courses give a great opportunity for you to get certificates while learning many interesting things. The course provider is the UCI Extension program. Over 150K students have already enrolled with this course. Link  

4 Free online fundamentals of C programming courses with certificates

This course is available on the Coursera project network for free. If you want to get started with C programming, this is the best course. Within 1.5 Hours, you can get a full idea of C programming. This course is specially designed for beginners. So, you don’t need to have prior knowledge to enroll. It covers the basics of the C language. Also, it will teach you how to develop console applications. link (Image 4)

5 Free online python programming courses with certificates

Python is one of the most popular programming languages. So, there is a huge trend to learn python. Since it is very easy to learn, most newcomers try to start with python. Also, this language is popular among people who do programming for AI, image processing, and Data processing. So, it is not a basic language with limitations. With python, you can do endless things. Georgia Tech is providing free online python programming courses with certificates. However, for the certificate, you will have to pay 99 USD. But the course is totally free to follow. This is a five-week course. You will have to spend around 10 hours a week. So, the total course duration is 50 hours. (link) Programming course

Free programming course – 6 Concurrent programming in Java by RICE

link Java is an object-oriented programming language by oracle. Likewise, C and python also have very good demand all over the world. Oracle is issuing professional certification for Java programmers. OCJP or oracle certified java programmer certification is proof that you are very much capable of Java programming. But, to get this certification, first, you have to get professional knowledge in Java programming. So, you can follow the free online java programming courses offered by RICE with certificates. This course is available on Coursera.

7 Programming essentials in C by Cisco Academy

Cisco is also offering a set of C programming courses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Cisco C programming course is 70 hours long course. This course will deeply discuss all essential parts of C programming. So, it is a little difficult for a beginner to follow it by self-studying. Therefore, Cisco recommends getting help from an instructor to follow this course. On completion, you will get a CLA. CLA stands for C programming language certified associate certification. Link  

Free programming course – 8 PCAP free online python programming courses with Cisco certificates.

PCAP or Certified associate in python programming is a very good professional qualification which is recognized by international organizations. PCAP is also a 70 hours long course. You can either follow it yourself, or else you can hire an instructor to get help. During the period of study, you will get knowledge in,
  1. Algorithm and problem solving
  2. Executing python programs
  3. Networking and python
link programming course

Free programming course – 9 Object-oriented programming by IIT Bombay

This course is available for free on the Microsoft learning platform Edx. By following this course, you can get knowledge in
  • OOP – Object-oriented programming
  • C ++ Programming
  • Using standard template libraries for development purposes.
This course also covers the basics of object oriented style. The course is totally free. But, you have to pay for the certificate. link

10 Free online financial programming courses with certificates by the International Monetary fund

Programming is not just for consumer application development. It can also be used for many other purposes, such as to fulfill financial management and accountancy. The International Monetary fund offers this six-week course to improve financial programming skills in IT professionals. The course is available for free on Edx. Also, you can add a valid, valuable certificate for just 25$.

Free programming course – 11 Advanced programming in C++

C++ is a variation language of C. NYU is offering this advanced course for professionals. You can follow the course for free on Edx. The duration of the course is 8 Weeks. Edx recommends 9 hours of learning per week for this course. But, if you have some free time, you can complete it before eight weeks. This course will cover
  1. C++ Sorting algorithms
  2. Single and Multi-dimensional programming
  3. Program analyzing

Free programming course – 12 Python for everybody by University of Michigan (h3)

Follow these free online python courses by the University of Michigan on Coursera and get valuable free certificates. This is a fully beginner-level course. You can learn things from installing a python development environment to developing a fully functional program. You will have to study for about eight months to complete this course. link

13 Free online programming and computer science courses with certificates By Princeton University (h3)

link Before starting to make programs, you need to get proper knowledge of computer science. So, this course is excellent to build up your skills in CS. First, this is a beginner level course. You will have to spend around 90 hours to complete it. After completing, you will describe programming principles, CS theories, Algorithms, and java programming.

Free programming course – 14 Scripting and programming foundations

This course covers the absolute basics. So, you can learn about variables, algorithms, functions, etc. The course provider is WGUx, and it is available on Edx. This is a lengthy course. So, you will have to spend around 80 hours to complete it. However, we can guarantee that you will get a full understanding of what programming is. The course is totally free to follow. However, you will have to pay some money to obtain a certificate. link

15 Arduino programming by Institute of mines-telecom

To become an Arduino programmer, first, you have to get proper knowledge in C. After then you have to learn things like programming ICs, programming, and hardware kind of things. This 15-hour course is a great option for you to get the whole information at once. The course is available for free on Edx. link

Summery – Free programming course

Programming is a sector with very high demand. You can follow free online programming courses that provide certificates to get qualified in the field. Microsoft learning platform Edx, Coursera, Cisco Academy, and udemy are the top four-course providers. Likewise, there are many other educational sectors (education link) in programming; you can follow to get qualified and then become a professional. If you don’t have enough money to buy expensive courses, don’t worry, read our article series on free online courses with printable certificates to find the best free courses available online. Meta – The best Free online programming courses are provided by Edx, Cisco academy and Coursera with certificates for C, C++, Python and Java Programming Want to learn more about how to advance in educational carrier? Read our education blog.

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