The network Engineers and CCNA

Network engineers are the technical experts who are able to plan, design, and oversee the computer networking systems. To become a network engineer you can obtain an educational qualification like B.Sc or B.Eng degree in networking and also a professional degree such as CCNA to build a powerful portfolio.

Networking systems consist of LANs, WANs, intranets, voice, and data. However, the networks might be more composite related to the companies or organizations. So, relative to that the requirements and qualifications the engineer called differ. Mostly, there are more administrative responsibilities for network engineers. For instance, skills to plan and design, technical skills and should be up-to-date on the latest technology.

Responsibilities of a CCNA engineer

Obviously, The whole responsibility of the company’s IT and network system relies on the network engineer. furthermore, they Organize, design, and handle network systems for more efficient functionality. And also, they assemble new network systems, make budgets of equipment and assembling, and identify and solve problems in computer networking. Besides, they are responsible to accomplish the network monitoring. Apart from that, they also arrange security systems like firewalls. CCNA, network, engineer,

Skills and requirements,

first of all, network engineers should have the skills of analyzing. Hence, they have to find faults and make improvements in network systems. Secondly, they need to have leadership skills. Thus, they are the ones who lead the other employees in creating networks. Next, they should have organizational skills. Thus, when many different networks come together they should organize well. Also, they should have the ability to work with a team. Hence, they lead many employees in the project.

Not only that, but they also need educational qualifications. Indeed, the minimum qualification for an entry-level job will be a degree relevant to the IT  field. For instance, a degree related to computer programming, cybersecurity, computer science, etc. However, for this many institutions provide engineering practicing and skill development. But, most positions require a bachelor’s degree and additional experience.

Available jobs in network engineering with CCNA qualification

Firstly, after getting an entry-level experience in IT stream you can select a career path to specialize. Moreover, network engineering posts have a broad variety of paths. however, they rely on the technology and the company or the industry. Namely, Network Technician, Network Analyst, Network Specialist, Network Administrator, Network Manager and, Network Solutions Architect. Furthermore, there are more specialized tasks in network engineering. Such as, the cloud networking architect, is the one who assists the organizations with cloud infrastructure classification, and the specialists of network security, are the ones who identify and prevent security threats.

Career path,

Beginning from $46,500 network engineers can earn more than $115,000 yearly. However, it depends on the experiences and abilities of the engineer. Moreover, they also get bonuses and allowances apart from the salary. furthermore, they have 40 hours of working per week. Apart from this, they can be calling on the weekends or evenings in case of technical issues. Additionally, Network engineers may also aspire to different paths inside the field.

Network engineering future,

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, network engineer job opportunities will downfall in the near future. In order to, the rise of cloud computing the demand for domestic networks will too decrease.

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